During Lieutenant Colonel Al Amatuzio's 25 years as an award-winning jet fighter pilot, he
gained a solid appreciation for the extraordinary lubricants that protected the engines of the
jets he flew. He knew that only these lubricants, synthetic lubricants, could stand up to the
demanding operating conditions of jet engines and the severe temperature extremes they
encounter.  He knew also that the same outstanding performance benefits synthetic lubricants
provide for jet engines would prove invaluable to car, truck and other internal combustion

In the mid-1960s, Al Amatuzio began an intense period of research and development. He
assembled the industry's most knowledgeable chemists and directed the formulation of the
first synthetic motor oil in the world to meet American Petroleum Institute service requirements.

The introduction of AMSOIL synthetic motor oil in 1972 set all-new standards for motor oil
quality. AMSOIL synthetic motor oil outperformed conventional petroleum motor oils on all
counts. It was clear from the start that this innovative product would play a major role in engine
performance and engine life.

Today, virtually every other motor oil manufacturer has recognized the superiority of synthetic
lubricants and has followed the AMSOIL lead with introductions of synthetic motor oils of their
own. They spend millions of dollars advertising their "new" and "revolutionary" products. No
one, however, can match AMSOIL experience and technological know-how. And no one
delivers products like AMSOIL. Accept no substitutes -- AMSOIL is "The First in Synthetics." ®
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